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MVP is Available for Your Next Career Event 

May 25, 2023

James and Michelle Miller, founders of Military Veteran Pipeline, are excited to share their 30+ years of recruiting industry and military expertise with others. From Veteran-specific programs to in-person events and virtual career fairs, they are currently open to attending speaking engagements and offering advice on pursuing career opportunities with one's best foot forward.  


Before co-founding MVP, James served in the Marine Corps and worked at a government contracting firm for 30+ years at Management Consulting, LLC. His experience centers on a genuine interest in the hiring process for Veterans and working with potential candidates and their career goals.  


Similarly, Michelle has over 30+ years of experience in the recruitment and staffing industry, including owning a successful recruitment franchise for 20+ years. Michelle understands the current hiring needs of prospective employers and how qualified candidates can take that first step towards a new career.  


James and Michelle are open to speaking on a range of topics related to the job search, such as:  

  • Exploring available job opportunities and finding a "good fit" for one's needs.  

  • Writing a strong resume by utilizing the “Above the Fold” method. 

  • Preparing effective interview questions for a potential employer.  

  • Beginning an interview with an effective elevator pitch. 

  • Sending a stellar thank-you after the interview process. 

  • Attending networking events and meeting professional colleagues. 

  • Using body language, such as good eye contact, to leave a great first impression. 


They are also happy to discuss additional information specifically related to Veteran experiences, including: 

  • Transitioning from military service to a civilian career path. 

  • Researching civilian company culture (and how it varies from the military workforce).  

  • Crafting a federal government resume.  

  • Understanding how military skills can transfer to civilian jobs. 


Please reach out to James and Michelle at and for your upcoming in-person and virtual fairs, career events and more.