About MVP

Our Mission

Our mission at Military Veteran Pipeline (MVP) is to help highly qualified Veterans, Reservists, and Military Spouses find meaningful work opportunities in government and civilian employment as well as help employers find Veterans, Reservists, and Military Spouses with indispensable experiences, proven leadership abilities, and strong work ethics to join their teams.

About MVP

Military Veteran Pipeline was specifically designed with simplicity in mind. Our team fully understands the intricacies of both the military as well as the staffing and recruitment industries, which is why we felt compelled to create an easy-to-use platform for Veterans, Reservists, and Military Spouses to find meaningful work and employers to find premier employees.

Government and civilian hiring managers often need highly qualified personnel to perform certain tasks, which include having specific security clearances, prior experience on complex equipment and adequate leadership training. Veterans, Reservists, and Military Spouses already have many of these required qualifications that are in high demand for premier companies.

MVP allows employers to discover skilled Veterans looking for work at the click of a button. Our adaptive software creates easy keyword searches so employers can quickly find the exact candidates they are looking to hire.

From the conception of MVP, our team knew that it wanted to make the platform free for all Veterans, Reservists, and Military Spouses. Our country's military personnel have wholeheartedly served our communities and deserve to have a simple, yet helpful platform that serves them while searching for new opportunities.

The MVP Team

James and Michelle Miller co-founded Military Veteran Pipeline out of necessity. Over 18 million adults working in the United States are Veterans or Reservists and each member provides unparalleled skills to the workforce. However, there was not an easy solution to hiring these talented members of our community. Michelle and James are dedicated to making the hiring process easy through MVP and are proud of the platform they built to help Veterans and Reservists find meaningful work.

Meet James

James co-founded MVP after working at a government contracting firm, Management Consulting, LLC, for 30+ years and seeing the immense difficulty in finding quality employees that have specific certifications and security clearances. He began his career in the military as part of the Marine Corps and carries his experiences in the service with him in every job he performs. 

He garnered extensive knowledge of the recruitment industry from his time at Management Consulting, LLC where he continuously increased his responsibilities, taking on positions like Recruiting Business Development, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management and Candidate Placement Recruiter. During this time, James was also tapped to launch, recruit and lead the global contracts division on Military Installations. James brings his experience in the military and recruitment industry to continue making MVP the premier place for Veterans and Reservists to find meaningful work opportunities with employers that care. 

Meet Michelle

Michelle brings her 30+ years of experience in the recruitment and staffing industry to MVP. As co-founder, Michelle is responsible for leading MVP business development and recruitment efforts. Her experiences owning a successful recruitment franchise, Adecco, for 20+ years in NJ and working in Executive Contract Recruiting after moving to Florida equipped her with the abilities to truly understand what employees and employers need to be successful. 

She believes the key to recognizing a person's needs is through listening and working together to understand their goals. Michelle has interviewed thousands of potential candidates over the years and knows that military Veterans and Reservists possess the types of traits that set candidates apart from other potential employees. Michelle is committed to helping Veterans and Reservists find meaningful employment as well as developing relationships with excellent employers that understand the value of hiring Veterans and Reservists. 

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