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MVP Highlights: Filling Out Your Profile

January 25, 2023

MVP is designed to find you a job without the hassle of searching through endless job descriptions and applying to multiple positions. The best way to capture the attention of potential employers through our platform is by completely filling out your profile. Whether you are still in the process of completing your profile or you have already finished it, here are a few tips to catch the attention of hiring managers.

There are five sections to fill out in your profile: Basic Info, General Questions, Employment History, Other Info and Uploading Your Resume. The last three sections are where you should focus on building out detailed descriptions to stand out to potential employers. Let’s review!


Work Summaries vs. The Short Summary

Employers search for candidates based on the information written in the work summaries and the short summary. Work summaries should contain highly specific information about your work experience and the job performed with reference to any certifications, equipment specialties and other relevant information. Your work summaries can be similar to what you use to describe a job on your resume. Fill out as many summaries as needed to effectively capture your work history and years of experience.

The short summary is where you can emphasize your military service as well as other types of civilian work or volunteer experience. Did you lead a squadron through a difficult situation? Do you regularly volunteer at a non-profit organization? All experiences and relevant skills that do not necessarily fit inside traditional work summaries should live in the short summary section. It’s highly important to use just as many specific examples, keywords and certifications in the short summary as you would in the work summaries. Filling out these summaries with specific and detailed information is a great way to catch the eye of a hiring manager and showcase your professional skills.


Selecting Multiple Options

Remember that you can select multiple options in our dropdown menus and add educational experiences at any time. For example, in the “Certificate/License” section, you can select multiple options like Cyber Awareness, Drug Free Workplace, Ethics, Senior Enlisted Academy, Equal Opportunity and more. If you do not see a course, certificate or skill in our menus, you can add that item to your short summary and it will be seen by potential employers. Add as many options required to showcase your level of experience to potential employers. 


The Resume

Our blog post, “Writing a Strong Resume: Get Ahead By Using The Above The Fold Method,” provides several in-depth tips and tricks for creating a strong resume. Be sure to give it a read before uploading the document to your profile. Keep in mind that you are not able to be found by employers until you upload your resume as a 5MB max PDF or DOCX. You may edit your profile and resume at any time. 


Once you’ve uploaded your resume and filled out the rest of your profile, you’re ready to connect with employers and experience the full benefits of MVP!