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How to Write a Stellar Thank You Note After Your Interview

September 09, 2022

You crushed your job interview? Great job! Now it’s time to seal the deal with a thank you note. Sending a note to everyone you talked to during the hiring process can go a long way in making a lasting impression. If you’re not sure where to start, our team at MVP is here to help.

Today, when a text message, phone call or social media interaction is standard, handwritten cards make an extra big impact on the receiving end. Sending a handwritten note is the best way to forge a meaningful connection and prove you’re willing to go the extra mile. Be sure to keep a nice piece of paper or note cards and your favorite pen on hand so you're ready to go. To prevent snail mail from interfering with the hiring decision, it’s good practice to send a quick email to each person you met during the interview process within 24 hours. Then, allow the handwritten note to work its magic once it arrives.

Now that you know how to send your note, let’s go over some easy steps of how to write it.


1. Keep it Brief

Unlike when writing letters to family members or thank you's for special occasions, your professional note should be short and to the point. Let's go through a basic outline of the note. Begin by addressing the hiring manager by their first name or in another appropriate way. Then, your first sentence should reference the interview and quickly express gratitude for the opportunity. The next few sentences should include a specific detail from your discussion, followed by a reason you're the ideal candidate for the position. Wrap up with a forward-looking statement and one more statement of sincere gratitude, and that's it! According to national etiquette expert Diane Gottsman, if your note is more than 6 to 8 sentences long it's time to cut it down.


2. Be Specific

The most important thing when writing a thank you note is to be thoughtful and specific. You laid the foundation in your interview, and now is the perfect time to include additional information to prove you're a great fit. Be sure that whatever you write is relevant to the conversation you had and does not come off as generic. It should be evident that this card was designed specifically for its recipient. Reference a specific point made or a lesson learned during the conversation that relates to the company or position. You can also include a statement about why the role sticks out to you specifically, such as the company culture or the positive impact it's making in the world. The personal touch is what makes the card, so make sure you really think it through.


3. Take Your Time

When writing the note, take your time to find the perfect words and make the card visually appealing. The purpose of the notes is to leave a lasting impression, and there's nothing worse than ruining an opportunity with a sloppy card! It's crucial that you select good stationery, write legibly and proofread the note multiple times before sealing and sending it. Be sure that the interviewer and business names are spelled correctly and that all typos or grammatical mistakes are eliminated. It never hurts to have a friend or family member double-check for you.


If you follow these simple steps, you'll be good to go. Congratulations on your successful interview and best of luck on the rest of your hiring process!