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5 Benefits of Hiring Service Members, Military Veterans and Reservists

September 09, 2022

Military Veteran Pipeline is passionate about showing the multiple benefits of hiring military personnel. Let’s get started!

Your company now has access to thousands of resumes from skilled and experienced Veterans and Reservists looking to utilize their unique capabilities in both the government and civilian sector. Military members become excellent team members in the civilian workforce. Veterans' extensive training, technical skills and proven ability in military service make Veterans valuable assets to growing teams.

Here are just a few of the many skills Veterans will bring to your team.


Leadership Abilities

Veterans have excellent leadership skills and often have experience in leadership positions. Basic training includes leadership instruction so each member is more than capable of making tough decisions in high-pressure situations. Veterans have also been trained on how to lead a group by becoming an excellent example and showing the value of accountability.



If you need someone who can think on their feet, hire a Veteran. The armed forces train Veterans on how to work within tight deadlines and thrive in fast-paced environments that require quick prioritization and smooth adaptation from one task to the next. Veteran employees also bring their indispensable military experience to the civilian workplace with fantastic results for employers every year.



The U.S. Military allows each Veteran to continuously learn new skills in their military training. Most Veterans and Reservists have security clearances that are needed for specific government positions and many remain up-to-date on current technical trends. A military background with an emphasis on new technology is also useful in the civilian world where a Veteran can bring their unique perspective and experience to the technology industry. Veterans are also trained to keep sensitive information, like a revolutionary app update, private.


Strong Work Ethic

Veterans are some of the best and brightest workers you know. A member trained in any branch of the military understands how to get the job done right, whether they be from the Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy or Coast Guard. The best way to fill open positions with premier employees at your company is to hire Veterans.



The military demonstrates the importance of being part of a team at all stages in one's military career. Even in new environments, Veterans understand the value of hard work and coming together to foster genuine teamwork. Veterans are dedicated to their team and are adept at collaborating on projects with other teams. Group productivity is an essential part of one's military duties. If you hire a Veteran, you hire a valuable team member.


The right position can help create a successful transition to civilian life or government service for a Veteran. There are many more reasons why Veterans are fantastic employees, but you will soon find those out for yourself.

See your curated list of profiles and resumes today and get ready to set up an interview to fully discover the benefits of hiring Veterans.