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Job Title or Keywords

Computer Tech, Security, Logistics, Administrative, HR, Medical, Aviation, Mechanic, Nuclear, Welders, Propulsion Engineer, Legal, Military Police, etc.

Equipment Experience

Computers, Aircraft, Submarines, Ships, Tanks, Vehicles, Artillery, Generators, Construction, Electrician, HVAC, Plumber, Heavy Equipment, etc.

MOS, Rating Or AFSC Code

MOS Codes for Marine Corps and Army.
Rating for Navy and Coast Guard.
AFSC Codes for Air Force and Space Force.

Certificates Or Clearance

Certificates or Security Clearance, Officer or Enlisted

Welcome to MVP

Military Veteran Pipeline (MVP) is glad you are here and ready to get started on your career search. Now that you have completed your service to your country or are currently serving in the Reserves, we want to assist you in finding a position that benefits you and your long term goals. MVP is available at no cost to the Veteran as it is designed to help you discover exactly what you are looking for. MVP highlights your invaluable experiences on an accessible platform for Veterans, Reservists, Military Spouses and employers.

Only U.S. service people can utilize the resources from MVP, which allows employers to easily find you and see the essential skills you have garnered from being in the service.

Looking for a Career?

You're in the right place if you are looking for a career that utilizes the skills and experiences you gained while in the Armed Forces for the United States of America. Whether you just got out, or ended service years ago or are currently serving in the Reserves, employers are looking for you.

Need Military Skilled Candidates?

You're in the right place if you are looking for valuable, skilled and experienced Veterans. MVP is designed to help you quickly and easily find employees that bring unparalleled contributions to your workforce. Whether you are looking for security clearances, specialized skills, premier education and unwavering integrity from an employee, MVP is your solution.

About MVP

MVP is committed to helping Veterans, Reservists, and Military Spouses find fulfilling careers using an easy, accessible and free platform. MVP is also equally dedicated to making the hiring process simple for companies. Our team understands that good candidates are often difficult to come by using traditional means, which is why we created MVP to be a straightforward pipeline for experienced candidates from the military to cultivate successful careers in the government or civilian sector.

Veterans, Reservists, Military Spouses and employers joining forces to create indispensable teams that work together to get the job done right is what MVP is all about. Whether bidding a contract or adding employees to your team, MVP is where you will effortlessly find and hire outstanding candidates.

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Benefits of MVP for Employers

With MVP, employers can search through a talented pool of Veterans, Reservists, and Military Spouses to find a candidate that possesses the skills and experiences needed to actively contribute to their organization or business.

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Benefits of MVP for Candidates

MVP is a valuable way for Veterans, Reservists, and Military Spouses to find employment. Uploading your resume, creating a profile and writing your summary in MVP is a great way for employers all over the country to find you. You don't look for a job here – the job looks for you!

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